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Empress Kabani

Empress Kabani Sadistic Mistress

My sole purpose is to take you where you need to go in order to help you through your journey of submission.

Not only will I take you to new heights, I will push you further and beyond your limits. Beware, if you are not cablable of withstanding pressure, pleasure, and pain all at once you might want to rethink submitting to Me.

I am sadistically enchanting and feel only for Myself.
The more you hurt and submit the more empowered I become.

I like that.

Submitting to Me will enhance all of your senses.
Submitting to Me will help you make sense of those cravings you have that no one else can understand.

Giving yourself over to Me,relinquishing your will, bowing at My feet and worshipping My body will bring you pleasures the rest of the world cannot offer you.

Come to Me with your head bowed and a rose in your hand.
I am ready to begin your lesson.

$275 hr
$100 every half our after.